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At the law office of John Wesley Hall we have nearly 55 years of experience as Little Rock criminal law attorneys, defending and representing clients in a wide range of criminal cases, from the smallest case to complicated multi-month murder trials. We have extensive experience handling Arkansas white collar crime cases and other crimes, including:

  • Drug Crimes: We have experience representing clients in marijuana, methamphetamine and other drug charges. We work hard to minimize the damage done, reduce the severity of the charge and help the client avoid prison.
  • Homicide: Our firm investigates all the facts relating to the case and collects evidence for proving our client's alibi or situation that can provide a reason for the crime, thereby reducing charges.
  • Child Sex, Internet, and Child Pornography: We have experience in defending clients' civil rights and are successful in cross-examining witnesses in order to prove false allegations and question the victim's motivations.
  • Vehicular Homicide or Manslaughter: Our firm has experience representing clients in murder cases and vehicular homicide. We take the side of our client and work hard to explain our client's case in the best way possible to the jury.
  • White Collar: We use our knowledge of the law and of the civil rights act to help minimize the charges and legal ramifications caused by federal crimes such as money laundering, credit card, insurance, wire, mail or Internet fraud, bribery, and tax evasion.
  • Our Trial Practice: A trial is a complicated event. We conduct pre-trial investigation of our clients cases and provide important facts regarding the cases to the jury.
  • Search and Seizure: Mr. Hall is a nationally recognized expert in the law of search and seizure. We have experience handling search and seizure cases ranging from drug to weapon possession and computer searches. Our clients have cars, businesses, houses, cell phones, and computers that have been lawfully and unlawfully searched by police and other law enforcement officers or government officials, and we assert our clients' rights in these cases.
  • Appeals and Post Conviction Proceedings State and Federal: We are also experienced appellate advocates, Hall having argued 250 appeals, including two in the U.S. Supreme Court. We conduct trials to also protect the record for appeal. We are successful at overturning convictions and work hard for the benefit of our clients' cases.

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