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Little Rock murder defense attorney John Wesley Hall has handled serious crimes and homicide cases for over 40 years. In every serious crime case we use our in-depth knowledge of the law and work hard to find ways to minimize the damage or go to trial seeking an acquittal or a lesser offense. If it was in self-defense, "it is a killing, not a murder," and there is a big difference.

Arkansas Homicide Attorneys

In homicide cases we investigate the case to determine the client's innocence or justification for the killing. We collect evidence to prove our client's alibi or facts surrounding the situation that provide a reason for the crime, thereby reducing charges. Many homicide cases involve an explanation such as self-defense. We also investigate the forensics of the case such as how the weapon was used, the cause and manner of death, the location of the killing, and other evidence. When representing and defending clients charged with homicide, we prepare to anticipate the prosecutor's actions.

The penalties for facing a homicide charge in Arkansas state or federal court can include a lifetime jail sentence or the death penalty. This is why it is necessary to immediately hire experienced legal representation to explain and defend your case. Our firm has experience representing clients in murder and capital cases and other more complex homicide cases such as attempted murder and vehicular homicide. Hall has even handled a complicated war crimes trial involving allegations of mass murder in violation of the Geneva Convention.

We work hard to explain our client's case as best as possible to the jury.

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