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Weapons Crimes

Because of how many crimes in Arkansas are legally defined, criminal cases frequently involve multiple charges: the primary crime itself and other crimes that are committed as a result of the crime. One of the most prominent examples of this is a weapons crime. Someone might be charged with a violent crime, such as assault or attempted murder, and also with a crime such as using a deadly weapon such as a gun.

Attorney John Wesley Hall works hard to defend the liberty of his clients. That includes making sure they are provided a strong defense against the crimes they are charged with, including those involving weapons such as pistols, so-called assault rifles or any other type of firearm.

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Another case in which a weapons crime might be charged is if a person who is not permitted to own or carry a gun is caught with one. Sometimes this might come up in a traffic stop or some other activity that is unrelated to a criminal case or investigation. Someone who has been convicted in the past of certain offenses might be legally prohibited from having a gun, so even something as straightforward as the traffic stop example might turn into a felony gun possession case.

Someone on parole or on probation who is caught with a weapon could be at risk of having the parole or probation revoked, and being sent back to prison for the duration of their sentence. Illegal possession of a firearm charges could make the difference between regaining your liberty or serving a longer sentence.

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