Our Practice Focus:

Professional Misconduct

The public places a large amount of trust in professionals such as doctors and lawyers, and with good reason. Physicians are responsible for our physical well-being, and we literally put our lives into their hands when we are in need of medical care. We trust attorneys to provide us with honest advice that is in our best interests and that is free from any inappropriate influences.

When attorneys or doctors are accused of failing to fulfill these duties, they could be subject to professional sanctions as well as criminal charges. At the John Wesley Hall law firm in Little Rock, Arkansas, we handle the defense for professional workers who are facing charges that could disrupt their careers as well as their lives.

Let Us Go To Work For You

People in the medical and legal professions place a high premium on their reputations. Doctors who have been penalized for negligence or lawyers who have come under suspicion for unethical behavior can find themselves struggling to overcome the perceptions that potential patients, clients or employers might have based on these events.

Our firm provides the firm advocacy you need to defend yourself against charges of professional misconduct or malpractice, and to help preserve your reputation. We will see your case through and fight hard to make sure your success and accomplishments are not thrown away, due to your situation.

We also defend professionals facing criminal charges unrelated to their professional duties — drug crimes, violent crimes or other criminal charges that could also negatively affect their careers.

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