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DOJ accuses professor of laundering money stolen from Venezuela

The financial schemes plotted by foreign actors might feel far away from Arkansas, but international money laundering operations can involve people in the United States. The recent charges filed by the U.S. Department of Justice against a university professor illustrate this point. Federal investigators claim that the 73-year-old laundered money derived from bribes and other corrupt practices that stole money from Venezuelans.

Common types of white collar crime

White collar crime is common throughout the country and Arkansas, and there are many ways that an individual or organization can scam people out of money. Due to the seriousness of these crimes and the devastation they can bring to companies and families, the federal government spends a lot of time and effort to investigate them, and the penalties can be severe.

Penalties associated with lying on your taxes

When you file your taxes in Arkansas, you may, like many others across the state, find the process confusing and complicated. Unfortunately, tax laws change all the time, and not keeping up with new changes has the potential to come back to bite you. So, too, can “guessing” or omitting certain information when filing your tax return. Attorney John Wesley Hall understands that often, state residents make errors on their tax returns not out of malice, but because they lack information, but he also recognizes that the penalties associated with lying on your taxes remain the same, regardless.

An overview of federal wire fraud charges

First coined in 1939, the term white collar crime is now used to describe a wide range of fraudulent or otherwise financially motivated and non-violent offenses. This includes wire fraud. While the state of Arkansas does not have a specific law prohibiting this type of scheme, it is considered a crime under federal law.

White collar crimes: Councilman accused of illegal gambling

A city councillor in Brinkley has been charged with a class D felony recently for allegedly operating a gambling establishment. Arkansas authorities presented the councillor with an arrest warrant on May 3. As is the case with many white collar crimes, the official was released on his own recognizance, but he was set to return to a county circuit court on May 6 for his first appearance.

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