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What You Need To Know About Medical Marijuana

Arkansas was one of a handful of states that approved a ballot initiative in 2016 regarding the legalization of medical marijuana. While this has the potential to affect many patients in the state looking for alternative ways to alleviate pain, it also opens the door to residents who want to go into business with a dispensary or a grow operation.

As with many types of businesses, starting a grow operation or dispensary in Arkansas will require obtaining permits and licenses, a capital investment, and other details. Because of the sensitive nature of the enterprise and all the attention being paid to how the process plays out, however, there will be a premium on obtaining and keeping a license.

As an attorney focused on the preservation of civil liberties and criminal defense, as well as an advocate for marijuana legalization, attorney John Wesley Hall is uniquely positioned to advise people in Little Rock and throughout the state regarding medical marijuana matters.

Keeping On Top Of The Process

Because legal medical marijuana is still in its infancy in Arkansas, there are going to be changes. The state can authorize up to eight grow operations and as many as 40 medical marijuana dispensaries, but these will not all be approved at once. Working with a lawyer who is closely monitoring the opportunities and possible pitfalls of the process is essential.

Once a license has been obtained, it will be a valuable commodity – one that can be taken away if a grow operation or dispensary does not put a premium on adhering to the regulations governing medical marijuana. Aside from losing out on income, violations could lead to criminal charges if the state determines they are warranted.

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