Violent crimes: Woman hospitalized after shooting

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2018 | Violent Crimes |

A woman has been rushed to a local hospital after shots were fired in Garland County, according to authorities. Arkansas police who deal regularly with violent crimes of this type responded to the call in the early morning of Dec. 29. So far, three people have been arrested in conjunction with the alleged attack, but the investigation is still ongoing as of this report. 

According to the police report, deputies in Lonsdale responded to reports of shooting around 3:10 a.m. When they arrived at the residence in question, they found a 32-year-old woman who was suffering from what appeared to be a gunshot wound to her back. Officers on the scene immediately called for medical assistance, and the woman was airlifted to a local hospital by Lifenet Air. 

Several witnesses were interviewed as part of the ongoing investigation, which led police to arrest one man for first-degree battery. A second man and a woman were also arrested for felony theft by receiving, though the report does not clarify why this charge was filed against either individual. Police in the area have asked for the support of the community in bringing additional details to the investigation. 

Violent crimes are dealt with harshly in Arkansas, which is why it is so important for due process to be regarded strictly. It will be the responsibility of prosecutors to provide compelling evidence of wrongdoing in the case of all three individuals. In the interim, their respective defense representation will work diligently to build strong defenses for all three in advance of their court dates. 

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