Drug Crimes

Seasoned, Experienced Drug Crimes Defense

When you are at risk of being convicted of a drug crime, it isn’t just the immediate aftermath that you need to be concerned about. The potential punishments, such as time in prison, fines, and an overall disruption to your life, are indeed serious. But having a drug conviction on your record can follow you around for years — even decades.

Attorney John Wesley Hall understands the seriousness of drug charges such as those involving possession, distribution, and conspiracy — and how to fight them. He has been helping people in Little Rock and throughout Arkansas for more than four decades, and he is a strong advocate for his clients and their rights.

Can The Case Against You Be Proven?

The state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you possessed the substance in question, that it is classified as a controlled substance and that you knowingly possessed it. This can give you a fighting chance in your case, if any or all of these elements of the crime are in question. Our firm has the depth of experience to combat the charges against you with the goal of reducing or eliminating them.

John Wesley Hall is a nationally recognized authority on search and seizure law. Law enforcement officers who conduct drug busts in a manner that violates the rights of a defendant run the risk of having their case fall apart — particularly with lawyers at our firm who are well-versed in what is and is not legally acceptable.

Whether your case involves prescription drugs, marijuana, heroin, fentanyl, MDMA, cocaine, or meth, our firm is ready to defend you. We also work to protect people’s property and other items that may have been improperly seized during the course of an arrest.

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