State And Federal Court: Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our clients have given little thought to whether they might be charged in state court or federal court. In reality, thinking about the nature of the crimes and how they might be resolved does not enter the conversation until charges are formally issued and defendants have a chance to work with and speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Attorney John Wesley Hall in Little Rock, Arkansas, has worked on countless cases at both the federal and state levels over his 40-plus years in the legal profession. He has appeared in courtrooms in small Arkansas communities all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court, the highest court in the land. This means that wherever your case is heard, he and his firm will be prepared to take it on.

Here are some questions our clients often have:

Is it better for my charges to be federal or state charges?
It’s not necessarily better or worse, but it is different. Some attorneys have little experience in the federal system and might defer to a more experienced lawyer. John Wesley Hall is equally comfortable in federal and state courtrooms, so what’s important is the solid defense strategy and advice that you will receive.

Are there charges that are more likely to be heard in federal court?
Many cases involving state lines being crossed are often heard in federal court. This can include many types of white collar crimes — mail fraud, for example, often involves multiple states. Another instance is a drug conspiracy that spans multiple states or a kidnapping or other violent crime case, where a victim is transported across state lines during the commission of the crime.

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