Internet Crimes

Strong Defense From Internet Crimes

It’s next to impossible to avoid the impact of the internet in our daily lives. From laptop computers to handheld devices and smartphones, people are always plugged in. And with the availability of a constant connection comes the potential for internet crimes.

Criminal charges that, in the past, may have taken a long time to prove can move much more quickly. Usage records provided by cellphone companies or internet providers can do a lot of the work that investigators used to have to do by hand. And screenshots of inappropriate or unwanted activity might be admitted as evidence for someone charged with cybercrimes.

Rely On Us For Criminal Defense

Attorney John Wesley Hall in Little Rock, Arkansas, is committed to defending the freedom and liberty of those charged with crimes involving the internet. As a criminal defense lawyer with over 48 years of experience, Mr. Hall has seen how the types of crimes that are charged, as well as the laws that correspond to them, have changed over the years. Being able to rely on a solid history of success, combined with an acute awareness of criminal law today, makes him an invaluable resource for criminal defendants in Arkansas and beyond.

Because of the pervasive nature of the internet, a wide variety of offenses could be charged based on online communication. These might include:

  • White collar crimes such as wire fraud and money laundering
  • Sex crimes, including online solicitation of a minor or child pornography
  • Crimes of violence including violations of restraining orders and threats to property or other people

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