Violent Crimes

Protection From Charges For Violent Crimes

When you are facing a charge involving a violent crime, you need to be aware of what is at stake. Obviously, being convicted of any crime is not desirable, but when you are charged with a violent crime, you can face some of the most serious penalties the State of Arkansas and the U.S. government ever enforce. John Wesley Hall and his legal team have faced many serious cases over the years head on for their clients in Little Rock and around the state.

Crimes of violence can be domestic battery, aggravated assault, murder, killing or assault and battery in self-defense or defense of another, and gun crimes. It’s important to note that many factors go into determining whether an act of violence should be charged as a crime; a homicide or assault and battery committed in self-defense, for example, might be ruled justifiable.

We’ve Been There Many Times Before

An important factor in choosing a criminal defense lawyer is experience. What kinds of cases has he or she handled before? In the case of John Wesley Hall, a more appropriate question might be, “What hasn’t he done?” Among other high-profile cases, he has defended death penalty trials in Arkansas federal court and a war crimes trial in West Africa involving mass murder in violation of the Geneva Convention.

Even relatively minor violent crimes charges will have major impacts on a person’s life. For example, a domestic battery conviction, while usually a misdemeanor and not a felony, results in a ban on gun ownership and possession. It’s these kinds of situations that our attorneys keep in mind when handling your case and allow you the peace of mind of having selected a law firm that will always fight for you.

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