Appeals And Post-Conviction Issues

Trusted Help With Appeals And Post-Conviction Issues

When a case has reached its end via a guilty plea or a conviction, the legal issues involved can be far from over. A criminal defendant should always be on the lookout to file an appeal or a petition for post-conviction relief in his or her case when it is warranted. In addition to his excellent work leading up to a trial and in the courtroom, attorney John Wesley Hall is a strong presence to have at your side in an appeal or other post-conviction issue.

There are many reasons to file an appeal of your conviction. Unfortunately, merely disagreeing with the verdict — as nearly all people who have been convicted must feel — is not sufficient grounds to do so. There must be some kind of irregularity, newly discovered evidence or apparent wrongdoing by police, lawyers, or judges to have a chance at having a criminal appeal heard in Arkansas.

An Attorney For Every Stage Of The Process

Some people may be under the misconception that the same attorney who handled their criminal case must handle the appeal as well. In fact, it may make more sense for a new attorney to handle the appeal, so that he or she can put a fresh set of eyes on the issues and examine facets of the case that may have been overlooked initially.

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