Violent crimes: Man in Arkansas faces arson, murder charges

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2018 | Violent Crimes |

A man police believe intentionally set fire to an apartment complex in Hot Springs is facing serious charges, according to local sources. Arkansas police have apprehended the man and accused him of the violent crimes that left one person dead. If he is found guilty of these charges, the man could be put to death or face life in prison. 

Very little information has been released about the fire, which consumed an apartment complex on March 27, but it has been confirmed that one person was killed in the blaze. That individual has not been identified at this time, due to the severity of the fire damage to the body. Police say they suspected the 22-year-old man because the fire occurred right after he was kicked out of an apartment in the same complex by his aunt. 

Police affidavits say his aunt would not let him return to collect belongings, a motive they believe prompted him to start the fire. The details of how the fire was allegedly set are not yet public. However, the man is being held by police without bond until his as-yet-unannounced trial date. 

If he is found guilty of the violent crimes of which he has been accused, the state of Arkansas could ascribe the death penalty as punishment. This is obviously a very serious outcome, which is why it is vital for his defense team to take careful account of any and all evidence proffered by the prosecution in his case. In order to build a sound defense against these charges, his lawyers will review the facts of the case to determine if the evidence is credible and/or admissible in court. 

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