Arkansas man accused of violent crimes

On Behalf of | May 2, 2018 | Violent Crimes |

An Arkansas man from Madison County has been accused of threatening to kill another man at gunpoint. The sheriff’s office in Van Buren detailed the violent crimes charges the man faces, including aggravated assault and several other felony charges. If the man is found guilty, he could face years in prison.

According to the police report, the 59-year-old man was charged after allegedly pointing a shotgun at a neighbor and threatening to kill him. The details of the altercation were not elaborate upon in the report, but it was confirmed that police could not locate the man when they arrived. It was believed he fled the scene on foot after setting fire to his cabin.

The man asked a friend a few days later to drive him to the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office to turn himself in to police when the friend saw the warrant for his arrest on television. The man previously served time for a 1997 murder. He now faces charges of first-degree terroristic threats, felony possession of a firearm after being convicted of murder, in addition to aggravated assault.

Of course, the man’s prior conviction cannot by law play a role in the court’s decision on this case (other than the firearm’s possession accusation), regardless of the violent crimes he might have committed in the past. Arkansas prosecutors will have to prove that in this instance, the man is guilty of threatening his neighbor. His criminal defense representation will review the accounts of the alleged altercation as part of building a solid defense against these charges.

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