Fleeing the scene, not a good idea when suspected of drug crimes

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2018 | Drug Crimes |

It’s difficult to predict when Arkansas police will show up at a private residence or business, wanting to search the premises. However, if it happens, and the property or business owner is present at the time, it’s never a good idea to run away from the scene. This was made evident on a recent Friday when a particular person was suspected of drug crimes.

Officers from a county sheriff’s department, as well as several other local authorities and investigators from the Homeland Security Department, combined efforts to serve a narcotics search warrant. There was apparently a camper on the grounds where the task force was assembled. Police say a man who was their primary suspect suddenly bolted from the camper and fled the scene.

Law enforcement agents also claim they found a lab set up inside the camper that they suspect was being used to manufacture methamphetamine. Officers claim to have confiscated various drug paraphernalia, four firearms and a substance they believed to be meth. To make matters worse, authorities also stated that a vehicle reported as stolen was located on the property.

In the likely event that the man investigators are now searching for is apprehended, he may have already compounded his problems by running away. One official remarked that authorities have labeled this particular person as a problem in the community and that several felony warrants are being sought as the search for the suspect continues. Being a suspect for drug crimes in Arkansas or anywhere does not constitute guilt. Any man or woman currently facing drug charges in this state may seek immediate legal support from an experienced criminal defense attorney.