Facing wire fraud? A strong defense is crucial for your future

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Arkansas readers know that facing any type of criminal charge is a threat to their future and personal freedoms. It is crucial to work diligently to defend yourself against allegations of wrongdoing, especially if it is a white collar crime. If there are charges of wire fraud against you, you would be wise to take quick action to build an appropriate defense strategy. 

Wire fraud is a type of white collar crime. These are allegations of financial wrongdoing that can bring serious consequences with a conviction. Regardless of the nature of the charges against you or the circumstances of your individual situation, you have the right to know your defense options.

What you should know about white collar crime

Wire fraud is a broad term used to describe fraudulent activities that take place across interstate wires, such as telemarketing schemes and spam-related activities. Wire fraud involves any writing, signals, signs and more transmitted by wire. Essentially, it is fraud committed by means of electronic communication, and in most cases, wire fraud is a federal offense. 

Cases involving wire fraud can be complex, and the investigative stage can be lengthy. In order for the prosecution to have a valid case against you, they must be able to prove the following elements:

  1. You invented or participated in a scheme for the purpose of scamming people out of their money.
  2. You committed these actions with the intent of unlawfully taking someone else’s money.
  3. There is evidence the use of wire communication was foreseeable.
  4. You used interstate wire communications to commit the fraud. 

It is prudent not to underestimate the serious nature of your case. Whether there are already formal charges pending against you or you are under investigation, there is no time to lose in developing an effective defense strategy.

A strong defense can start today

When it is your future opportunities on the line, you understand how important it is to have experienced guidance as you work on your defense. It can be beneficial to seek a complete evaluation of your case in order to fully understand the most appropriate approach for your situation

If you are facing charges of wire fraud or another type of financial crime, you do not have to face it alone. With help, it is possible to effectively confront these charges and the prosecution’s case against you. You may be able to avoid a conviction or mitigate the consequences of a conviction.