Arkansas police officer charged with violent crimes

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | Violent Crimes |

A law enforcement officer in Little Rock is facing a potentially career-ending charge after being accused of battery. The Arkansas officer was accused of violent crimes by a suspect in the form of an assault on his person. The officer was released from a county jail on Aug. 6 under his own recognizance, and no trial date has yet been announced.

According to the report, the 44-year-old officer was responding to a domestic disturbance in Ash Flat back in Nov. 2016 when the incident allegedly occurred. The plaintiff has contended that the officer body slammed him with enough force to draw blood, and that the officer laughed about the incident with the other officers on the scene rather than rendering aid. The plaintiff filed his complaint in May 2018.

The officer in question was arrested, charged and processed. It is unknown at this time whether he has been placed on administrative leave during the investigation and subsequent trial. The police force to which he is attached has not issued a formal statement regarding this matter.

When a police officer is accused of violent crimes, it can have a profound impact on that officer’s life and career. Arkansas residents, and Americans in general, tend to hold police to a higher standard than private citizens, so even if he is not found guilty, the charges could tarnish the man’s reputation in his community and compromise his ability to act effectively in his capacity as a law enforcement officer. Regardless, the burden of proof rests with the prosecution to prove each and ever element of the crime charged. His legal team will review the facts and applicable law to build a strong case in his defense.