Arkansas weapons crimes: Man charged in shooting case

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2018 | Weapons Crimes |

An Arkansas man has found himself in trouble with the law for his alleged involvement in a shooting case. He is now facing battery and weapons crimes charges, the penalties for which can be quite severe. An experienced criminal defense attorney will have the ability to guide this individual through the criminal court process and help him seek the best outcome possible.

According to reports, on Aug. 9, police in North Little Rock were called to a residence on North Walnut Street to investigate a shooting. When they arrived they found a victim lying on the road with gunshot wounds to his right leg and abdomen. The accused and the victim are said to be lifelong friends. The two supposedly got into a fight over the possibly questionable relationship between the victim the accused’s wife. The accused reportedly shot the victim and then left the scene.

Witnesses and the victim’s wife pointed police in the direction of the accused. He was arrested on Tuesday, Aug. 21. He has been charged with first-degree battery and firearm possession. As of the latest report, the accused is in jail in lieu of the $100,000 bond that was set in his case. It is unclear if this individual has retained legal counsel or if any court dates have been scheduled regarding this matter.

Criminal cases that involve weapons crimes are not treated lightly in Arkansas. The accused, who already has a previous criminal record, could find himself behind bars for quite some time and having to pay hefty fines, among other consequences, if prosecuting attorneys are able to achieve a conviction in his case. Thankfully, this individual has the right to defend himself and his position with the assistance of a criminal defense attorney of his choosing.