Under investigation for violent crimes? Protect your rights now

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2018 | Violent Crimes |

Unfortunately, tragic events occur without warning here in Little Rock and across the country every day. These events often disrupt, change and even take lives when they happen. If officials suspect foul play, they begin investigations that could lead to charges for violent crimes. Those who find themselves to be targets of these investigations do not have to wait to begin protecting their rights.

For instance, a man left his home one morning for no more than an hour. When he returned, he says he found his wife severely injured. He called 911, and emergency medical personnel and police responded. As they took the Little Rock man’s wife away in an ambulance, he was taken away as well. The man’s wife was pronounced dead at the hospital.

From the start of the ordeal police considered the situation “suspicious,” but it was not until later that night that officials announced that they believe the woman was murdered. The woman’s husband was questioned and released, but that does not mean that police do not continue to consider him a suspect. The investigation remained ongoing at last report, and the man who just lost his wife may benefit from taking steps to protect his rights.

Many people would say that an innocent man does not need a criminal defense attorney, but they would be wrong. Mistakes occur all of the time, and even innocent people can find themselves facing all sorts of charges, including those for violent crimes. Even though police officers and prosecutors are supposed to protect people’s rights, they are working to build a case. It is up to individuals to take steps to protect themselves, which may include consulting with a criminal defense attorney to make sure their rights are protected throughout the process.