Arkansas man charged with violent crimes

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2018 | Violent Crimes |

A man in Conway is facing serious charges after an incident involving alleged shots fired at a post office, according to local authorities. Arkansas police have filed violent crimes charges against the 46-year-old man, who is believed to have opened fire at a post office location. At this time, it is unclear whether the man has retained criminal defense representation. 

According to the limited information provided in the report, a robbery attempt gone wrong was the cause for the shots fired inside the post office on the afternoon of Sept. 29. A total of six shots were discharged, though police have not elaborated on what kind of weapon was used in the incident. Police believe the man intended to rob the post office and fired off the shots as part of this attempt. 

Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident. However, the man was immediately arrested by police arriving on site and was charged with a host of crimes. Among these, the man faces charges of residential burglary, carrying a loaded firearm in a public facility, mischief and aggravated assault. If he is found guilty, he could be facing serious jail time. 

Violent crimes of this nature are handled harshly by Arkansas courts, and the aggravated assault charge alone could have serious repercussions for the man even beyond any prison sentence. People convicted of violent crimes can have difficulty finding employment, among other challenges, which is why it is so vital for the man to be represented by an experienced defense attorney. This attorney will work to build a compelling case in his defense, based on the facts of the case as reported by police and witnesses.