Former Arkansas chief faces charges for alleged drug crimes

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2018 | Drug Crimes |

A former police chief from northwest Arkansas has been arrested, according to local sources. The ex law enforcement officer was arrested by Arkansas police on Dec. 13 after being accused of drug crimes, including possession. The one-time chief was released on bail the same afternoon, but is working with his attorney to prepare for upcoming court proceedings. 

According to police sources, the man was appointed to the role of chief in Lincoln back in Aug. 2018. By October, he was reportedly fired after an investigation into his activities by Arkansas State Police. Apparently, an officer in Lincoln told authorities the chief had taken pills believed to be Xanax from a suspect during a traffic stop. The officer also alleged that drug paraphernalia — including rubber tubing, syringes that appeared to be used, and a glass pipe consistent with drug use — were also found in the chief’s patrol vehicle. 

The officer is now facing charges of tampering with evidence and possession of drugs. He was remanded to a county jail, but was later released. It is unclear whether further charges are pending in the face of a state investigation. 

Even if the Arkansas officer had not already been fired, the allegations of drug crimes can be enough to end a career in law enforcement. This is why his attorney plays such a vital role in the criminal proceedings. An experienced defense attorney will work to gather and carefully examine all the facts of the case, including any evidence the prosecution wishes to bring before the court, in an effort to ensure the man’s rights are upheld both in and out of the courtroom.