Man arrested for alleged drug crimes in Arkansas

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2018 | Drug Crimes |

Authorities in Pine Bluff say they executed a search warrant that led to the confiscation of considerable drugs. The search was conducted on a home in central Arkansas and has led to the arrest of one individual for suspected drug crimes. That individual is currently in police custody at a county jail, awaiting trial, for which no date has been made public.

According to the report, the search was conducted on the evening of Nov. 19 in a Pine Bluff residence suspected of housing marijuana. Police say they found 10 pounds of what they believe to be marijuana, as well as two shotguns and some $1,200 in cash. Two vehicles were also seized as part of the search.

The resident of the searched home, a 29-year-old man, was arrested and now faces several charges, including possession of a controlled substance with an intent to deliver, possession of a firearm and an additional firearm charge. He is being held against a $50,000 bond after being booked into a county jail that same evening. There is no word as to whether he has retained defense counsel at this time.

Drug crimes are taken very seriously in Arkansas, and if this man is found guilty during the course of his trial, he could face jail time. However, he is also entitled to meet those charges in a criminal court, where he will be represented by an attorney. This criminal defense expert will carefully review the facts of the case in order to build a strong case in his defense, and to ensure he is granted the fair and balanced trial to which he is entitled.