Arkansas man arrested for alleged drug crimes

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2019 | Drug Crimes |

A routine traffic stop has ended in the arrest of a 52-year-old man for alleged drug-related activities, according to reports out of Hot Springs. Arkansas police apprehended the man, who is now charged with drug crimes as well as several other felony charges. If he is found guilty, he could face up to life in prison. He was slated to first appear in court on Jan. 7.

According to the report provided by police in Hot Springs, a police corporal was negotiating a left-hand turn with a green light when another vehicle cut him off. The officer pulled the vehicle over, and reported the 52-year-old male driver seemed “shaky” when asked for his license and registration. The license was apparently suspended, and a warrant had been issued for his arrest in another district.

A subsequent search of the man’s person allegedly revealed a bizarre arsenal of weapons stowed in a variety of pockets, including several knives, a gun that was reported as stolen, and drug paraphernalia. The man now faces charges of possession of firearms and drugs, possession with intent to deliver, theft and possession of drug paraphernalia. Each of these charges will be addressed separately in the upcoming court proceedings.

In cases where a suspected individual is searched by Arkansas police, strict guidelines must be adhered to by law enforcement. If they fail to properly respect the rights of the individual, who is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty of drug crimes or any other crime, this could directly influence the outcome of the court case. The accused man will be entitled to criminal defense representation during the court proceedings, wherein his attorney will work to determine whether due process was observed throughout the search and subsequent arrest.