Cardiologist cleared of drug crimes

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Drug Crimes |

Charges have been dropped against a cardiologist working out of a Rogers hospital. The Arkansas man and his wife had previously faced felony charges for alleged drug crimes, including possession of marijuana. The hospital where the man is employed has not taken disciplinary action against him in this matter, though his wife will face a considerable term of probation. 

The investigation began last September when the man was believed to have taken part in a marijuana grow operation outside of Pineville. Three cameras were set up to observe the alleged operation, but when special task force members went to retrieve the cameras, they discovered two missing. Footage from the third camera allegedly showed the cardiologist and his wife removing the first two cameras as well as several plants believed to be marijuana. 

This led to a subsequent search of the couple’s home, where officers say they found the plants that were later confirmed to be marijuana, as well as multiple firearms hidden in a locked safe room. The man was charged with four felony counts of possession and manufacture of a controlled substance, as well as unlawful weapons possession and stealing. However, the charges were dropped. His wife pleaded guilty to possession and was sentenced to five years’ probation. 

It is unclear from this report why the charges of drug crimes filed against the Arkansas man were dropped, but considering the case went to the trial process, it is fair to assume that his criminal defense representation played a significant role in this favorable outcome. This is why the inclusion of a defense attorney in the process is so critical. Anyone accused of a crime has an inalienable right to representation that can work to find solutions that do not necessarily require jail time or other punitive measures.