What is a bond hearing?

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A bond hearing is very important because it is the one hearing that can determine whether or not you get out of jail or stay in jail. The court is going to be looking at two considerations for a bond hearing. 

Are you a flight risk? Some considerations that the judge is going to look at to determine if you are a flight risk are if you own a home in the community and if you have a job in the community. Are you from the community? How long have you owned your home? Did you go to school in the community? Do your children live here? They are basically establishing if you have roots, or if you were simply traveling through the state and got arrested. According to AboutBail, that can be a little problematic when determining whether or not you are a flight risk. 

The second consideration a judge is going to look at is if you a danger to the community. There are a couple of factors that the judge will consider. The judge is going to look at your prior criminal record. Do you have any previous convictions? If so, when were they? Were they violent convictions? The court will look at the present case and crime that you are facing right now. Is that something that is violent? 

The court is going to take these two things into consideration, and the purpose of a bond hearing is not to punish you with a bond. It is intended to ensure that you appear in court on your court date. If you have never missed a court date, that would also be something that you would bring up to a judge.