How should you handle a legal prescription medication arrest?

On Behalf of | May 28, 2020 | Drug Crimes |

You have a valid prescription for a medication you take, but that does not mean you have nothing to worry about should you encounter an Arkansas police officer who suspects you of drug possession. Would you know how to respond if you did not have your prescription on you when detained?

The Recovery Village examines how to handle being “caught” with medication without a prescription. Learn the legal circumstances of such a situation.

Unlawful possession

If the police catch you with a medication like Adderall tablets in extended-release capsule form, but you do not have your prescription, you could face unlawful possession of a controlled substance charges. Say that you have your prescription on you at the time of the encounter, but has expired. Or, perhaps you have a current prescription, but you store your medication in a bottle without a label. With either scenario, police could hit you with a felony or misdemeanor charge for unlawful possession.

In the bottle 

To avoid drug charges for taking a legal prescription medication, always keep your medication in a current label that lists the medication name and your identifying information along with the drug concentration, dosage and amount. The bottle must also list your physician’s name, your pharmacy’s name and when the prescription expires.

Out of the bottle

It may have been the way you stored your prescription medication outside the bottle that contributed to your charges. Storing medication like Ambien, Percocet, Codeine or Xanax in a toiletry kit, pocket or bag could result in financial penalties and jail time.

Were you recently arrested for carrying a legal prescription? A physician, pharmacist and legal advocate can help you build your defense.