Is the three strikes rule under federal law changing?

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The three strikes law exists in the federal criminal justice system and in some state criminal justice systems. It has always been controversial because it creates an automatic sentencing rule.

According to Fox News, the federal three strikes rule states that if you have three convictions for specific crimes, you must receive a life sentence. It often results in people spending their life in prison for relatively minor incidents because of their criminal background and not the actual crime they committed.

Overhauling the system

The current administration is working to change the criminal justice system at the federal level with an array of laws that help to reduce sentences and release certain individuals from custody early. The three strikes law is on the chopping block. There is a bipartisan effort to make the change, which means there is a high probability that it will take shape.

The changes

The specific changes expected will be to remove outdated laws, such as the three strikes rule. It would instead encourage rehabilitation and give a judge more say in the sentence rather than imposing automatic sentences.

Focus on nonviolent offenders

The main focus of reform is on nonviolent offenders. For example, if you have a shoplifting charge at the federal level, then the reform could help you see a reduced or alternative type of sentence rather than immediately going to prison.

The goal

The reason behind the changes is that most lawmakers feel that sentencing is too harsh. It prevents people from reentering society and becoming productive individuals. Harsh sentences, such as the three strikes rule, also only encourage reoffending.