Reviewing statistics on drug-related arrests

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If you were recently taken into custody for a drug-related offense, carefully review the details of your case and mentally prepare for what lies ahead. Moreover, you should know that you are not alone and that many people in this position are able to pursue more favorable outcomes by examining strategies to defend themselves in the courtroom. From the possession of an unlawful substance to selling or manufacturing drugs, these cases often carry harsh repercussions.

Sometimes, those taken into custody for a drug-related offense do not understand their rights. From time behind bars to stiff fines and a damaged reputation, the impact of a drug case is often severe.

Looking at data on drug possession arrests

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, data from 2017 shows that across the U.S., 85% of those who were taken into custody for a drug-related offense were apprehended as a result of drug possession. 36% of these arrests involved marijuana, while 20% were arrested as a result of cocaine and heroin possession (as well as derivatives of these drugs). 4.8% were taken into custody for possessing synthetic drugs, while the remainder were apprehended for possessing other types of narcotics.

Looking at arrests due to the sale or manufacturing of drugs

The FBI reports that in 2017, 14% of those who were arrested for a drug-related offense were accused of selling or manufacturing unlawful substances. Most of these arrests (5.2%) involved cocaine or heroin (and derivatives of these drugs) 3.7% of all drug-related arrests in 2017 were due to allegations of manufacturing or selling marijuana.