Staggering increase of violent crime plagues Little Rock

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2021 | Violent Crimes |

Violence within a community can breed feelings of hate, fear, confusion and angst. Pervasive violence can compromise a community’s resources and cause economic distress as well.

When an uptick in violent confrontations happens on a community level, leaders may need to analyze underlying causes.

A shift in violent crime trends

A surge in violent crimes has community leaders scrambling for answers in Little Rock. Statistics show a 21% increase in violent criminal acts during the first quarter of the year when compared with the same timeframe in 2020. During that same time comparison, analytics show a 22% increase in aggravated assault, a 52% increase in forcible rape and a 63% increase in homicides.

On some days in the last three months, authorities responded to multiple calls of violence within a 24-hour period. Analysts have expressed concern that these numbers may continue to climb into the summer months.

Community leaders to collaborate

One local reverend encouraged community leaders to unify over the common cause of preventing violence. He suggested that city officials, faith-based leaders and local authorities collaborate to identify solutions to a growing and concerning problem.

People who react with violence often deal with underlying traumas that contribute to their inability to effectively manage their emotions. Research suggests that past abuse, mental illness, exposure to violence, poverty and behavioral disorders may all contribute to violent tendencies. Addressing these traumas can help offenders learn healthier ways of coping with anger, stress and confrontation. This proactive approach may improve their quality of life and reduce the risks of reoffence.