What is the offense of carrying a weapon?

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Despite the right to bear arms, states and counties have specific statutes regarding possession of a weapon. Places like civic offices and the airport have more stringent protections and restrictions when it comes to carrying a firearm.

Even with a concealed carry permit, there are limits. But when you do not have a concealed carry permit, it may be important to know when your right to bear arms comes into conflict with Arkansas law.

The definition of carrying

Arkansas statute defines the offense of carrying a weapon as possessing a club, knife or handgun on your person or in a vehicle you are in. It specifies that the weapon must be readily available to unlawfully employ against a person.

Caveats to the offense

There are many situations under which carrying a weapon is permissible. This includes being in your own home or at a property you have a proprietary interest in. If you are a member of law enforcement or the armed forces performing your duty, this may not apply. You may also carry a weapon lawfully on a journey.

Other guns

Center-fire guns like shotguns fall out of this charge and have a specific definition of Arkansas land where carrying one is or is not permissible.

Lawful possession

This charge revolves around whether or not the state or law enforcement believes you were carrying a weapon with the intent to employ it unlawfully. The statute does not get into specifics as to what that means outside of using it against another person. Defenses against this may get complicated and so knowing as much as possible regarding it may help, should you find yourself facing such a charge.