Know the facts about assault

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Assault charges can have a long-lasting impact on your life. If members of law enforcement charge you with assault, you need to understand exactly what this means.

You may think that assault refers to an act that physically harmed another person. According to FindLaw, assault describes the actions that you may take to threaten someone else.


One important element of assault is that you meant to make other people afraid. You may face this charge if you issued a threat while holding a weapon. Additionally, reckless behavior can be a form of assault if you knew that your actions might make people fear for their safety and performed the action anyway.

Another element of assault is the reaction of the other person. Although you may intend to make someone afraid, the other person has to feel fear for his or her safety. This person has to be aware of the threat that certain behaviors may pose.

Aggravated assault

The Code of Arkansas says that aggravated assault is one of the more serious kinds of assault. You may face this charge because of the identity of the person whom you threaten. Some people have protected status under Arkansas law. Members of law enforcement and other first responders fall into this catgory. Throwing objects at these professionals may result in a charge of aggravated assault because you knew that the object could cause an injury. Additionally, throwing bodily fluids at first responders may also be grounds for this offense.

If you receive a conviction for aggravated assault against a first responder, you may have a Class C felony on your record. This can affect your ability to find housing and a job. Additionally, you may have to pay a fine and spend time in prison. In some situations, you may be able to remove this conviction from your record.