What is prescription drug fraud?

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One of the biggest public health threats of modern times is prescription drug fraud. This particular breed of crime tears apart families and drives up medical costs across the United States.

Prescription drug fraud exists across the country, but most so in the southern United States. According to Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, the American South accounts for almost 50% of all prescription drug fraud in the country.

What prescription drug fraud looks like patient-side

A major clue to prescription drug fraud involves the kinds of medications that an individual takes. For instance, if a patient has many different scripts from a variety of different doctors for a cocktail of tranquilizers, opioids and painkillers, this may be indicative of prescription drug fraud.

Patients who seem to run through medication very quickly may also be engaging in prescription drug fraud. For instance, a patient who wants a refill on a month-long supply of opioids after only two weeks may be fraudulent.

What prescription drug fraud looks like physician-side

Crooked physicians often engage in prescription drug fraud to enrich themselves. For instance, if a physician tends to hand out a variety of prescription medications for opioids or narcotic painkillers, this may be indicative of physician fraud. This is particularly true if the physician is giving out these prescriptions without the patient having a diagnosis requiring such medications.

Prescription drug fraud costs millions of dollars and thousands of lives every year. Fortunately, close monitoring from insurance companies and caring for loved ones can help prevent more loss of life and treasure due to this epidemic.