Arkansas resident charged with a felony after firearm mishap

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Arkansas law prohibits certain residents from possessing a firearm. As noted by the Times Record, individuals with a felony conviction may face weapons charges if law enforcement finds them armed.

The law also forbids mentally ill individuals or those previously committed to a mental health treatment facility from owning firearms. Convicted felons, however, may own guns if they received a pardon from the state’s governor or obtained a court order to expunge their criminal records.

Individuals may unexpectedly face weapons charges

Firearm possession does not require a license in Arkansas. Individuals with a mental illness or felony conviction, however, may find that a county clerk submitted their records to the Arkansas Crime Information Center.

When officers investigate firearm accidents, they typically obtain information about the individual who discharged a weapon. After a background check, a felony weapons charge may result if they find the individual listed in the ACIC database.

Gun mishap leads to a felony weapons charge

As reported by, an Arkansas resident pleaded guilty to a felon in possession of a firearm charge. While cleaning a loaded pistol, the weapon discharged as he attempted to grab it when it slipped from his hand. The accidentally discharged weapon fired a bullet through his arm.

When the sheriff’s deputy investigated, the injured man claimed he had a court order to restore his firearm rights after a felony conviction. After failing to provide the court order, he pleaded guilty to the weapons charge and received three years of probation.

By receiving a pardon or having a prior felony record purged, individuals may purchase a firearm in Arkansas. According to state law, U.S. citizens over 21 without a mental illness and who have not received treatment for an alcohol or a substance abuse issue within the last three years may own a gun after a successful training course.