Developing a new career following a white collar crime conviction

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A white-collar crime conviction can profoundly impact your ability to move on with your life. Whether you serve time in prison or under house arrest or pay substantial penalties and restitution, you need to prepare yourself to live under a cloud of your conviction to some degree.

This new reality is most apparent when you grapple with your career prospects, but these tips can help you move beyond your mistakes.

Expect to change your field

It is unrealistic to expect to find employment in your pre-conviction industry. Even if you interview for companies unaware of your record, a background check will likely lead to your disqualification as soon as a job offer is imminent. Choosing a new field may not conceal your history, but it may offer you a fresh start and come with fewer obstacles.

Put your ego aside

Do not be surprised if the only jobs within your reach are far below your previous pay scale. However, your overqualification for many of the jobs available to you should not dissuade you from accepting them. Instead, resolving to start over may lead to opportunities you do not anticipate.

Ask for support

Re-entering society after a stint in prison for a white-collar crime can be incredibly challenging when you do not know how to earn a living. You will need help from family, friends, and even strangers, but you should not be afraid to ask for it. Professional counselors and support groups are ideal resources to help you develop the skills you need to rebuild your life.

Make no mistake; returning to the job market after a white-collar conviction will not be easy. Still, with realistic expectations, self-forgiveness and perseverance, you can find a new and meaningful career path.