Appealing a federal conviction or sentence

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Many Arkansas residents have firsthand knowledge of the hefty penalties that often accompany a federal conviction. Federal offenses often carry considerable penalties and depending on the nature of your conviction, you may find that it makes it harder for you to manage many different aspects of your life.

However, the Federal Bureau of Investigation notes that you may have an opportunity to appeal your conviction or sentence following sentencing.

Appealing a federal conviction

After sentencing, you have the option of filing an appeal with the circuit court of appeals. If the court of appeals does not appeal the conviction or sentence, then you have the option of asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review your case, which it may or may not do. If the U.S. Supreme Court chooses not to hear your case, you have limited, if any, options.

Challenging a federal conviction or sentence

Another way to potentially appeal a federal conviction or sentence involves challenging the sentence or conviction in a habeas corpus proceeding. However, if you do so, anyone who claims to be a victim of your actions has a chance to show up in court and voice his or her opinion about your proposed challenge. Alternatively, you have the option of asking the nation’s president to grant you clemency, but the chance of this happening is quite small. If you ask the president to grant you clemency, any victims associated with the case may submit an opinion about the matter in writing but may not speak or meet with the president directly about the clemency issue.

There are deadlines associated with appealing federal convictions or sentences. Failing to adhere to these deadlines may leave you without options.