Medical marijuana in the hands of children

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Arkansas has legalized medical marijuana, which is a boon to many patients who need it. However, as more Little Rock residents have access to it, that also raises the risk of others getting their hands on marijuana despite not having a prescription.

As TVH 11 reports, poison control sources have remarked that children may have a higher risk of finding and using cannabis.

Present health concerns

Authorities criticize packaging, saying that some edibles look like candy brands. Reporting suggests that pediatric edible exposure is up by 500% in the last five years.

There is little in the way of studies about the effects of cannabis on children. However, concerned adults admit any child suspected of ingesting cannabis to the hospital for treatment. Some side effects of children eating edibles may include confusion, drowsiness or even seizures.

Proper safety measures

Like any prescription for drugs, people with legal cannabis cards must remain vigilant about how they store their medicine. The American Academy of Pediatrics reports that more than 97% of edible exposure cases happen in the home.

However, the case may escalate if children find a parent’s legal cannabis stash and take it to school.

Criminal charges and medical marijuana

A child with marijuana at school may land him or her in trouble, but it may result in criminal charges for the parents. From distribution to prescription abuse to child endangerment, there are many charges that Arkansas courts may issue.

Liberty is priceless and criminal charges over a potential accident cost a lot in both prison time and money. Anyone facing charges over legally prescribed marijuana may wish to investigate their case further.