Different types of assault crimes in Arkansas

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Arkansas law establishes many different types of assault. The specific actions and circumstances significantly affect the legal consequences for these offenses.

Review the categories of assault and potential penalties if you or a loved one faces this type of charge.

Simple assault

Simple assault is the least severe form of assault in Arkansas. It involves intentionally causing another person to fear imminent physical harm. A conviction for simple assault is generally a misdemeanor. Penalties may include fines and possible jail time, typically for a short duration.

Aggravated assault

This more serious offense involves serious injury or the intentional use of a weapon. Aggravated assault carries felony charges, which can result in substantial fines and extended imprisonment.

Domestic assault

Domestic assault occurs when the victim has a close relationship with the perpetrator. They may be spouses, former spouses or individuals in the same household. The National Library of Medicine estimates that nearly 10 million domestic assault incidents occur every year.

Penalties for domestic assault vary based on the circumstances. They often include mandatory counseling, restraining orders, fines and potential imprisonment.

Sexual assault

This crime involves non-consensual sexual contact or penetration. Depending on the severity and circumstances, you could receive misdemeanor or felony charges. Penalties may include substantial fines, mandatory sex offender registration and lengthy prison sentences.

Assault on a law enforcement officer

You can receive this charge for intentionally harming a police officer, corrections officer or other law enforcement personnel. Conviction results in elevated penalties compared to other types of assault.

If you face assault charges in Arkansas, you can present evidence to show that you were defending yourself or someone else. You may also want to document your lack of intent during the incident.