Understanding the gun laws in Arkansas

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Responsible gun owners should understand the relevant laws in Arkansas. Violating weapon regulations can result in serious penalties.

Familiarize yourself with the state gun laws if you have or may purchase a firearm.

Open and concealed carry laws

Arkansas allows individuals to carry firearms without a permit. You can conceal your firearm or carry it openly at many public locations.

Exceptions include government buildings, schools, places of worship and private property with posted signs prohibiting weapons. You can avoid legal penalties by understanding where you can carry your firearm.

Firearm sales regulations

The state regulates the sale and transfer of firearms. Private sellers do not have to conduct background checks. However, federally licensed dealers must adhere to federal regulations. Illegal firearm sales, such as selling to prohibited individuals, result in severe penalties.

State law prohibits possession of handguns by anyone under 18. The state does make exceptions for hunting or target shooting under adult supervision.

Individuals convicted of certain felonies, including violent crimes and drug offenses, cannot possess firearms in Arkansas.

Stand your ground law

The state’s “stand your ground” law lets individuals use deadly force in self-defense without a duty to retreat. The court must deem the use of force reasonable under the circumstances. Misuse and excessive force in self-defense situations carry serious consequences.

More than 57% of state residents say they have a gun at home. Violating Arkansas gun laws can result in fines, imprisonment and the loss of the right to possess firearms. The severity of penalties depends on the nature and circumstances of the violation.