Drug Trafficking And Possession

Proven Drug Possession And Distribution Defense By An Attorney With Investigative And Fourth Amendment Acumen

There are six different “schedules” for drugs based on their accepted medical use and potential for abuse. Drug possession and distribution convictions can bring penalties of decades in prison. However, distribution of drugs is an entirely different charge than possession in Arkansas. Trafficking drugs, even those that are bought with a prescription, is a felony.

If you are facing drug charges of any kind, it is in your best interest to consult immediately with a qualified criminal defense attorney. At John Wesley Hall, we have an established reputation for aggressive defense of drug trafficking charges. Our prolific and profound understanding of the Fourth Amendment and our poking holes in the way evidence was acquired is well known.

A Drug Trafficking Conviction Can Be A Life-Long Stigma

Drug charges of any kind are serious. Not because of the fines or even the time behind bars but because of the far-reaching effect a felony can have. Years or even decades after the conviction, you will have a felony on your record. This can seriously hamper your ability to get work, to find housing and even in some cases to see your own children.

Attorney John Wesley Hall understands the very real ramifications of a possession, distribution or conspiracy charge and conviction. He also understands how to successfully fight these charges. For more than four decades, he has represented and advocated for those who have faced serious drug charges in Little Rock and across the state.

Challenging The Charges And The Evidence

To prove possession charges, the state must show that you knew what the drug was and that you had it on your body or in your control. It cannot have been merely within your reach or accessible. For drug trafficking charges, the state has to prove several things. One, that you possessed the drug; two, that you knew what it was; three, that you intended to sell the drug; and, four, that you were involved in the importation, sale or delivery of the drug. If any of these things cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, the state does not have a strong case against you. If any of the evidence was illegally obtained, the state’s case is even weaker or not viable at all.

Can The Case Against You Be Proven?

Because there are many things that the state must prove, there are also many opportunities for error on their part. John Wesley Hall is a nationally recognized authority on search and seizure law. He is highly aware of what is and is not legally acceptable when it comes to law enforcement’s procurement of evidence.

We defend clients who have been charged with possession or trafficking of many types of opioids, pain control and prescription drugs, including fentanyl, marijuana, heroin, MDMA, cocaine and meth. If any of the evidence was improperly seized during the course of an arrest, we will attack, file a motion to suppress and challenge the admissibility.

Why An Understanding Of The Fourth Amendment Is Crucial In Drug Cases

Mr. Hall’s Fourth Amendment knowledge is vast. The Fourth Amendment prohibits “unreasonable” or illegal searches and seizures of regular people by those in charge. If your rights were violated, for example by an illegal search and seizure, Mr. Hall will challenge that evidence and work to get it thrown out. Without evidence, a reduction or dismissal of the charges against you is more likely. Judges must adhere to the Fourth Amendment, the Constitution and respect the limits these documents place on law enforcement. Mr. Hall will see that this is done.

Your Voice. Your Protection. Your Attorney.

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John Wesley Hall is an accomplished criminal trial lawyer who has tried over 350 jury trials. He literally wrote the book on trial procedure in Arkansas: The TRIAL HANDBOOK FOR ARKANSAS LAWYERS (4th ed. 2018) published by Thomson Reuters, America’s premier law book publisher.