Felon In Possession

Possession Of A Weapon After A Felony Conviction

Anyone with a felony on their criminal record cannot legally possess a weapon. They are subject to prosecution in state or federal court and some charges come with a mandatory minimum sentences including potential Armed Career Criminal Act charges. The specific definitions of crimes in Arkansas state law often lead to multiple charges, but the addition of federal charges can make these cases even more complex.

Attorney John Wesley Hall understands how these cases work, and he can put that knowledge to work in your advantage. He has over four decades of experience in criminal defense law. In those years, he has developed a track record of success representing individuals in the greater Little Rock area and around Arkansas against criminal charges that threaten their freedom.

We Handle The Details Of Serious Charges

A felon in possession charge is an extremely serious offense. It is so serious that prosecutors will often only concentrate on that charge. For example, if a convicted felon is found with both a weapon and illegal substances, he or she would be charged with only felony gun possession, since drug possession could be a lesser charge in comparison to the felony weapon possession. It also depends on the weight of the drugs found.

Mr. Hall practices criminal defense at both the federal and state levels. Regardless of the charges you are facing, he has the necessary knowledge and skill to protect your rights. We will examine the details of your case in an effort to reduce your sentence and minimize the consequences, all to protect your future.

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